Yangon invites investment from Bangladesh

UNB Dhaka: Yangon on Wednesday proposed that Bangladesh set up joint-venture industries and agricultural farms in Myanmar utilizing its huge workforce and Myanmar’s abundant land.

Myanmar Ambassador Phae Tham Oo made the proposal when he called on Industries Minister Dilip Barua at his office and discussed bilateral issues, including Rohingya refugee problem, maritime-boundary disputes and transport facility for mutual benefit.

“If Bangladesh sets up its world-standard industries like textiles, ceramics, medicines and jute in Myanmar through transferring their technology, both the neighbouring countries will be gainer economically,” the envoy said.

He stressed the need for resolving the current disputes between the two countries, including Rohingya refugee problem and maritime-boundary dispute, through mutual understanding.

He stressed strengthening South-South cooperation for enhancing socioeconomic conditions of Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Dilip Barua said the two neighbours would able to develop their industrial sectors through introducing smooth and easy rail-and road-transport networks.

Recalling historical relationship between Bangladesh and Myanmar, he said the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina-led government was committed to maintaining harmonious and cooperative relationship with neighbouring countries.

“Bangladesh is willing to work together with Myanmar for achieving bilateral socioeconomic development of the two countries,” the minister told the envoy.

He sought cooperation from Myanmar side through playing a positive and comprehensive role at the climate conference in Copenhagen for tackling the impacts of global climate change

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