Mute Rohingya refugee girl gang-raped

Tuesday, 15 September 2009
Kutupalong, Bangladesh: A 15-year old mute girl was gang-raped at the Nayapara refugee camp in the first week of September. The men took advantage of the fact that she could not complain to people or scream for help, said Kassim, a refugee elder from the Kutupalong unregistered refugee camp.

The young girl, Saytara, daughter of late Mohamed Syed, lives with her bother and sister-in-law, at the Kutupalong unregistered refugee camp, Kassim said.

On September 1, her brother’s father-in law, Hanifa, son of Molana Noor Mohamed, who lives in Nayapara camp, Shade D, came to their hut and requested the family to give permission to take her to his room to help his wife, who was about to deliver a baby, according to her brother.

Saytara went to her brother’s hut yesterday in tears and explained with signs that she was raped by Hanifa, taking advantage of her handicap, since she was unable to call for help, Saytara explained with signs.

Saytara also explained that Hanifa called other people to rape her one by one, after she arrived at the camp. A total of nine people raped her, she explained in tears to her sister-in-law.

According to refugees of Nayapara camp, Hanifa is notorious for his bad behaviour, and all the refugees from Block D, hate him.

Saytara’s brother was unable to do anything as Hanifa is the father of his wife and forbade his wife not to contact her father.

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