ACF distributes soap to unregistered refugees in Kutupalong

Thursday, 17 September 2009
Kautupalong, Bangladesh: The Action Contre la Faim (ACF) distributed soaps to unregistered refugees in Kutupalong as part of its hygiene programme to keep refugees in good health, according to a worker of the hygienic programme.

The ACF distributed to 5300 families. It distributed eight soaps for under four-member families and 12 soaps for over four-member families, the worker said.

“It is good for us as we received goods from NGOs working in our camp. Before we got biscuits and now we are getting soaps,” said Halima, a mother of five children carrying 12 soaps with biscuits for her kids.

When we get some goods from NGOs, locals become jealous and attack the refugees. They are demanding jobs in the refugee camp and need rations. They disturb workers, who are working in the refugee camp, said a member of the refugee committee.

Local people attacked unregistered Rohingya women refugees, while they were returning from the Action Contre la Faim (ACF), after collecting biscuits on September 1, Abul Kalam, an elder from Kutupalong unregistered refugee camp said.

Local people attacked the women refugees yesterday, while they were working in the camp on a hygienic programme. Work was to stopped the whole day with local people demanding jobs in the camp, said Anwer, a refugee from the camp.

The refugees from unregistered camp had no score to serve their family, when ACF started the programme of hygiene in the camp. The refugee committee requested ACF to recruit the workers from the camp. So, ACF recruited from the camp to help the refugees, the members said.

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