Two Rohingya women tortured in Nasaka camp

Maungdaw, Burma: Two Rohingya women were tortured to confess and to get a signed confession that their husband had fled to Bangladesh by Nasaka personnel from Inn Din camp under Nasaka sector number 8 of Maundaw Township on September 7, said a neighbour on condition of anonymity.
Their husbands were arrested by Nasaka on August 30, on the allegation of repairing a Mosque. With no evidence of repairs the Nasaka released them wanting to arrest them again with evidence. So Nasaka planned to get signed confession letters from their wives that their husbands fled to Bangladesh, he said.

The women are identified as Zahida Begum (26) wife Kabir Ahamed and Rahena Begum (32), wife of Shafique Ahamed, hailing from Koolong village tract of Maungdaw Township.

On September 7 and 8, Nasaka personnel arrested Zahida and Rehena from their homes and took them to the Inn Din Nasaka camp and asked when their husbands went to Bangladesh and wanted a written confession, but they refused, said a villager.

When they refused to give the confession, the Nasaka personnel started torturing them in the camp till evening. When they could not take the suffering from the torture, they signed the confession letters the Nasaka personnel wanted. Later they were released without any bribe, the villager said.

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