Twelve Burmese nationals pushed back to Burma

Naikhyangchari, Bangladesh: Twelve Burmese nationals were pushed back to Burma by Bangladesh Rifles and police on September 11 through the Chakdhala border under Naikhyangchari upazila in Bandarban.
The Burmese nationals entered Bangladesh from Burma illegally in the last week of August 2009 to escape persecution by the ruling military junta and for staying in Selami village under Naikhyangchari upazila. They were arrested on August 10, when the Bangladesh border force conducted raids to drive out of intruders, according to local sources in Naikhyangchari.

The Burmese nationals were identified as Mubarak Ali, (67) Ayesha Begum (39), Fatema Khatun (12) Jonefa Begum (14) Jafar Alam (50) Sajeda Begum (40), Ashek Tara (18), Saiful Alam (12), Mohammad Rashid (20), Mohammad Saifuddin (9) Umme Maleka (8) and Habiba Begum (6).

Most Burmese nationals come to Bangladesh from Burma for medical check-up and some people flee to Bangladesh from Burma because of persecution by the junta.

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