Village authorities frame villager

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A villager, who opposed the activities of the village authorities, was charged with robbery and handed over to the concerned authorities, said a local elder in Maungdaw.

The villager, Mohamed Yakub, is simple and a religious teacher, hailing from Asshapara (Labowza Kayoungdan). He always opposed the village authorities, whenever they took money to settle village disputes, the elder said.

The village authorities are always up to illegal activity. When Yakub extended his house, they informed Burma’s border security force, Nasaka. He was arrested and fined Kyat 100,000 for building without permission, said a school teacher from the village.

Extension of existing houses does not require permission from any authority, the teacher said.

The accused shaved his beard and tore his religious clothes and said he would fight for justice, where he will hold a sword in his hand, the teacher added.

Every body, especially the village authorities avoided him unable to face him after his declaration. On September 7, some village children organized by the village authorities, disturbed Yakub. Enraged he attacked the children. The village authorities taking advantage of this called the Nasaka and complained that he was trying to rob villagers, said a village elder.

“Who is the robber, the civilians or the authorities, who have the power to rob villagers?” the elder asked.

Yakub was tortured in the camp of the Nasaka and a case filed against him. He was sent to the police station in Maungdaw.

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