How Rohingyas Headed To Where And Why?

BY Habib, Malaysia
Rohingyas are ethnic minority of Burma’s Arakan state. They are the worst victims of human rights violations. All kinds of human rights abuses are well documented and that is a matter of international concern. Generally, their existing matters are replaced in every power transition periods, no matter who rule the country, is a root cause. And Junta cares nothing about international sanctions, engagements and diplomatic approaches.

Some may think that most of Rohingyas headed to Malaysia for better life or economic opportunity. Indeed, the Rohingyas are continuously leaving in the country to escape persecution and most of their numbers are being refuge in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Pakistan and India while major flows remain in Bangladesh. In order to isolate from humanitarian assistances, those 4% individuals and boat people are headed to Thailand and Malaysia, were wrongfully accused of searching better life for economic reasons. ASEAN regions and its related bodies are maintaining with unfamiliar render and assistances.

If the accusation is brought to true appearance, why they did not develop economic opportunity in these host countries? Meaning while, they are under way to marginalization with fabricated accusations. Otherwise, their genuine criteria might be recognized like others as the flows do not identify their status.
Bangladesh alone has much experience in its long-time hosting since British Empire. Sometimes, Bangladesh allows them to abroad under its identity in order to gain alternative obligation. The country also accepted the deportee Rohingyas from K.S.A and India as well. Currently, Bangladesh is put in lonely handling a numbers of 200,000 refugees whilst UNHCR’s basic assistances are given to some 28,000 refugees in refugee camps. Some of them say that the camp situation under British Empire and now is a quite different. In early, UNHCR maintained its informal sharing to unfamiliar resettlement countries and quote to 9/11 marks in the late. These kind of illogical responses are pushing them to become as regional problems.
The flows and informal facts made to beefing up prevention along the borders of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. Finally, Bangladesh has come to agree repatriation of Rohingya refugees under bilateral agreement which only regards to remove hosting refugees from its country. Beside, thousands are putting in detention custodies for decades which may bring an exemplary upon Burmese people.

The refugees who had experiences with human rights abuses and fear of such repatriation again and again and overcrowding situation in country of first asylum, made them to head to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. As per a comprehensive study, most of the Rohingyas who came directly from Arakan made their travels by themselves and who made their journey from a crossed Bangladesh were by the other directions as they are not close to do such sources in Bangladesh. But, their unexpected fate ended in Thai-waters. Of them, some lucky reached to Malaysia and Indonesia and unlucky groups also reached into India-waters and Burma-waters, after meeting with natural disaster. Unfortunately, who caught by Burmese authority were punished to unknown. This certain facts almost revealed conversely against the allegation of such arrivals were brought by agents. In such vulnerable condition, they received similar treatments and assistances against their plight.

Although non-refoulement rule is insisted, fear of uncertain and informal responses like deportation to where origin of persecution or handing over to uncertain authorities, made them to search a safe region, whilst concern quarter respects the laws of the host country rather than its procedures. Rohingya refugees who came from Bangladesh and Thailand said they are more close to fall into repatriation to Burma if they would be remained there. If host countries are close to tackle the issues, no meaning of allowing refugees actor in the region would bring stable. It is also true that if concern actor would tackle the issues in equal term, the issues will not be flooded in the region.

The settlement of non-Rohingya refugees to 3rd countries had been questioned nothing about their choice, arrival, belief, tradition or culture. Beside Rohingya refugees were also utilized by pushing each other for the achievement of ‘global ‘ or ‘international attentions’, concern partners are trying to solve their survival by engaging into work sector by ignoring their existing matters. These could lead them to be alone at modern-day slavery.

Rohingyas who are not recognized by Burmese rulers are being asked questions when their plight is under way to continue exploitation. Some other believed that the agency could treat them equally and may tackle the issue in the future after settlement of the matter with neighbors as a beginning step. Boat people refugees who landed in Indonesia and Thailand were not yet registered with their agency UNHCR while the agency resettled non-Rohingya refugees in short period, shown clear separation.

Their frustration and access unlike others, upgrade that a few numbers are finally succeeded in finding safe territory through a secondary migration to Australia from Indo-waters. But, about hundred who went from Malaysia in every year were ended in Indonesia by authority. Some are still under way to expectation for Australia.

Gaining certain solution is not as we need or they need, but according to constituted international standard Refugees Conventions, is rational and fundamental. Including confidential approaches, accessions in equal term should be practiced.

A short Inquest:
This is the outstanding report of a short rational inquest to state the inquest about Rohingya refugees in Malaysia. There are 15,000 registered and 5,000 data collected Rohingya refugees in Malaysia. Over-role estimated about 20,000 Rohingya refugees where UNHCR claims about 45,000 Rohingya refugees with a view to a large group and threat for the region, while complex flows remained in refugees’ determination. Typically, some think to back home, some try to enter into eco-opportunity, some dream to stay in Malaysia and major group are hopping equal rights in UNHCR process and jump at everywhere. Base on these types, the various leaders and groups are founded. These occasions are also found in countries of where Rohingyas hosting.

Some groups named to lead some Rohingyas against their plight which could move into loneliness and separatism later. On certain occasion of their isolation in UNHCR, Resettlement Countries, International communities and lack of advocacy, each of group thinking that their leading is true, due to they feel upset for they did not meet any practice solution. These facts make criticizing over their isolation in such quarters including exploitation and utilizing in various purposes.

In light of insisted decades based human rights and its instruments are insisted, equal exercises, roles and determination of their status must be applied and their rights like others should not be deprived by various means. And guiding them on the right path of humanism would be international standard and solve permanently.

Alternatively, concern quarters let their communities themselves to find their opportunities, obligations and rights and then deferring years after years. And some others point out the community’s no effective leading. Indeed, that is not necessary in procedure of the process. Ironically, they are being utilized to materialize ‘Global Strategic” and unworkable ‘Regional Dimension’. If they are pointed as weak, what about the whole Burma and the role of United Nations?

The vibrant analysis found that the whole movement and recognition of non-Rohingya refugee population in Thailand and Malaysia is being different from Rohingya refugees population in Bangladesh and Malaysia. Move over, recognition of 8 months old recent arrival Rohingya boat people refugees is nothing, is attested of reluctant by their concern custody. If it needed time for long process, how about non-Rohingyas are resettled within less than 9 months duration? Who make them to continue as unforgotten Rohingyas? But, the role is cleared and not as you or someone’s will. If they have their own choice, they claim what? If they have not such right, they might be met what?

An activist from Kuala Lumpur-based Burma Workers’ Rights Protection Committee (BWRPC) discussed that in most cases, some were resettled through UNHCR’s utmost help for simulated purposes in a corner. Why not apply for qualified refugees and refugee activists? In detail; a legal Burmese migrant, who married two local women, had been resettled to Washington DC, USA in June 2009. During his mis-presentation relating to migrant issues, his survival earned from collection of funds by showing disability and accident files. Who received UNHCR’s registration letter in early 2008. However, how he accessed in resettlement process and his ill-moral qualified in DHS interview, and how UNHCR cleared two to one wife, are yet to be truly investigated. If there was no link of bribery, how he resettled recently? His short artificial contribution about legal migrant issues in a competition show made by Migration Working Groups (MWG), on 21/03/09, is not related to protection of refugees concern.

Let we come to know about what can we communities do for some activists who are dismissed by their quarters and facing threatening and endangering their lives security as well. Where are their fields? They work for whom? Inspector General’s Office for UNHCR must investigate these facts and necessary changing of its structure and resistants must be in placed.

Rohingya refugees who are languishing in hosting countries are hopping appropriate assistances from UNHCR and Resettlement Countries and advocacy from international communities.

Mention to be encouraged with the commitment of undertaking professional way should insist ability persons who can be motivated in immediate contribution in humanitarian fields, which could well prepare their long standing problems.

At the same time, an alternative approach would be proposed to resettled Rohingyas to step to extend their assistances through corporation with resettlement countries in common and international communities in general. As, the person’s contribution in various part is meaningless unless the person who did not contribute in the context for the well being of own community.

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