Wife, two sisters of VPDC chairman arrested in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The wife and two young sisters of the Village Peace and Development Council (VPDC) Chairman of Naribill, Maungdaw were arrested by Burma’s border security force, Nasaka area No. 6, at about 9 am, today because the Chairman allegedly fled from the detention center of Nasaka last night, said a close friend.

The current VPDC Chairman Deen Mohamed (25), of Naribill west of Maungdaw Township, son of Du Du Meah was arrested by Major Nay Myo, the Commander of Nasaka area No.6 on August 20, on the allegation that he was communicating with Bnagladeshi mobile phone which is illegal for Burma. He was detained by Nasaka.

According to villagers, the Chairman had used the Bangladeshi mobile phone with permission of Sector Commander where he had paid monthly fee of 100,000 kyat which demanded by the Sector Commander. A notorious Nasaka collaborator named Sayed Alam (45), son of Sayedur Rahaman from Kyauk Hlagar village of Maungdaw Township created the problem because the collaborator could not extort money from villagers as the Chairman protected them.

Sayed Alam is a former village Chairman of Kyauk HLagar village and has studied up to class eight. He is also a collaborator of Naska Headquarters of Kawarbill, Maungdaw Township. He is well-known for his notorious activities against the Rohingya people with the help of Nasaka.

But, on September 1, the Nasaka commander Major Nay Myo and the Nasaka collaborator hatched a plot to release the Chairman after taking Kyat 3.2 million, but they declared that the detainee fled from custody at night, said a school teacher related to the Chairman.

Today, a section of Nasaka personnel accompanied by Nasaka collaborator Sayed Alam went to the Chairman’s house and took his wife and two sisters to the Nasaka camp. Of them the younger sister Shajan is 16 years old. The villagers are anxious about them, said a local trader.

“The matter does not concern his wife and his sisters. It is a deliberate ploy against his family members,” said a close relative on condition of anonymity.

At present, the Chairman is in custody in the Nasaka Headquarters. He was released by Nasaka area No 6 and rearrested by Nasaka Headquarters. There is an understanding between Nasaka headquarters and Nasaka Area No.6, said a village elder, who declined to be named

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