PM has done absolutely nothing to bolster human rights

Abhisit-Vejjajiva PM Thailand

Abhisit-Vejjajiva PM Thailand

The Nation
Published on September 2, 2009

Re: “Abhisit surrounded by treachery and cronyism”, Letters, September 1.

In the past I had the same expectations about PM Abhisit as CM Philips has. I also had some expectations about his sensibilities on human rights issues, but that has turned out to be a big disappointment to me.

His evasive remarks about the junta in Burma, his cover-up of the plight of the Rohingya boat people, his refusal to investigate crimes committed in the South by the security forces, his lack of involvement in the Hmong refugee issue, the execution of the death penalty after a moratorium of six years, the creation of a powerless [Asean] human rights commission and so on; none of these show any “Western sensibilities” to me, in spite of his Oxford education.

Up until now, what has he achieved except the removal of Thaksin as PM – a great achievement thanks to the yellow PAD movement.

Is he merely a puppet of the snakes and traitors?


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