A Farmer Fined by Nasaka

Arakan Burma: A Farmer was fined by the Border security Force Nasaka.

The victim was identified as Nago (22), son of Ali Ahmed, who hails from Maung Nama village of Maungdaw Township.

On that day, it was raining incessantly in Maungdaw Township, and the rain water was flowing with force across the paddy fields.

Meanwhile, the rainwater was flowing with force from the paddy fields of Nago into a Nasaka collaborator named Serazul Islam’s (43), paddy field. He is the son of Rahmat Ullah of the same village. The paddy field of Nago is on the upper side of the paddy field of Serazul Islam, said another relative of the victim, who did not wish to give his name.

Regarding the matter, Serazul Islam went to Aung Mangala Nasaka outpost and filed a case against Nago, for pumping rainwater from his field to Serazul’s paddy field and destroying his paddy crops.

The following day, Nago was called to the Nasaka camp and was fined Kyat 100,000 for pumping water from his land and destroying the paddy crops of the Nasaka collaborator.

A farmer from the locality said, “This matter is happening everywhere, while it is raining heavily during this rainy season. Is it punishable for anyone if rainwater overflows from one land to another land?”

It is only indirect harassment for the Rohingya community, said a trader, preferring not to be named

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